“Fluffy Snow” by Bill Mckechnie

Bill MckechnieCountdown2.Christmas Radio welcomes Bill Mckechnie’s “Fluffy Snow” to our playlist! Bill is a Scot who now lives in Warwick, UK…and who has a heart for the fun at Christmas! We like fun at Christmas! 🙂

Some other notable info about Bill:

  • He founded wheelchair line dancing in the UK in 1997
  • His Viennese Waltz was used for the 6th International World Peace CD
  • He has published the UK’s only first aid book all in rhyme (with poems approved by NHS Choices)
  • He’s had two letters from the First Lady in Waiting on behalf of Her Majesty the Queen thanking him for his poems and CD (“Fluffy Snow”)

Regardless of his great accomplishments, we think you’ll enjoy his song…which you will now hear regularly on Countdown2.Christmas Radio…or you can play off YouTube:


And…to wrap up…you can connect with him on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Welcome to Countdown2.Christmas Radio Bill!