Christmas Album “Must Haves” (2015 Version)

Countdown2.Christmas RadioI seem to do this post later and later each holiday season…but I did start listening to Christmas music earlier in 2015! ūüôā

Either way, here is my annual “Christmas Album ‘Must Haves.'” Year-to-year it doesn’t vary much, but I’ve added¬†a¬†few, reorganized a bit,¬†and¬†made¬†sure the links are up-to-date. Also, everything I mention here (plus a whole bunch more)¬†plays¬†on¬†Countdown2.Christmas Radio, my year-round Internet Christmas radio station. I¬†received¬†an interesting note¬†yesterday from a listener:

Who, What are you? We just found your station this morning. It is wonderful. Thank you for making our Christmas more enjoyable.

If you, like that person,¬†enjoy¬†classic, traditional Christmas music with some other great holiday¬†tunes¬†mixed in…then you’ll love Countdown2.Christmas Radio.

Well, enough of the preamble! Here is 2015’s Christmas Album “Must Haves” divided into groups in that will help you, if you are just starting you collection, to know what to get first.

Top 5:

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